Collaborative Care

Maximizing resources for patient care

The population is aging, there are more and more patients to see, and there is a limited supply of healthcare professionals. Collaborative care means maximizing the use of all healthcare professionals, while maintaining the highest quality of care for patients.  Collaborative care can be utilized as a tool to improve both patient care as well as professional relationships. With Care1, collaborative care includes fostering professional relationships, clearly defined roles, and connections that provide the highest level of patient care.

The Care1 Network

Bringing together optometrists, ophthalmologists, family doctors and specialists

When a patient visits a Care1 Integrated Clinic, they are benefiting from the care of both an optometrist and an ophthalmologist at every visit.  The goal is to combine the medical expertise and accessibility of both optometrists and ophthalmologists, by leveraging the speed and efficiencies of technology.


The future of eyecare is here!

Care1 is designed to help you grow your practice by facilitating networking with OMDs, expanding the scope of services you can offer your patients, while always providing the highest level of medical eyecare. Care1 also provides you with the opportunity to fully utilize your advanced diagnostic equipment. 
The highest level quality of care for your patients.
Ophthalmology support for advanced medical care at your practice.
Increased referrals and increased patient retention.  Turn your practice into a high volume telemedical centre.
Utilize the fullest extent of your optometric training.
What are the minimum requirements for participation?
Optometry practices interested in joining the Care1 Network require a fundus camera, an OCT, and a visual field machine.

What is the sign-up process?
First, you have a phone call with one of our Telemedicine Coordinators, to make sure that your practice is a good fit for Care1.  Next, we conduct training and orientation for your technicians and optometrists, to ensure that you are ready for high-volume telemedical care.  Your practice is then designated as a Care1 Integrated Clinic.

I’m interested! How do I sign up?
Optometric practices interested in applying for the Care1 Integrated Clinics program can contact us at


Telemedicine enables ophthalmologists to care for patients remotely.  It allows you to collaborate with optometrists, while staying involved with the care of your patients. Patients that truly need to see you in person can be streamlined to your office.
Build and foster relationships with optometrists, GPs, and specialists in a time-efficient manner.
Expand your referral base.  Streamline referrals from a larger geographic region.
Support and stay involved with medical care at optometry offices.
Reduce your wait lists. Only see the patients that you need to.  

Family Doctors and Specialists

Referring to a Care1 Integrated Clinic means that your patient can get an ophthalmology consult, with much greater accessibility. You will receive a consultation letter and regular updates from the ophthalmologist, outlining the ongoing management plan, and whether or not your patient’s condition is appropriate for continued follow-up via Care1.  Patients that are not appropriate for telemedical evaluation are referred to see the ophthalmologist in person, and you are kept up to date on the patient’s progress.

Referrals can be made to Care1 by faxing us at 1-888-334-6331.

In high need areas, Care1 reduces the need for patients to travel to see an ophthalmologist.
Evening and weekend times.  Same-day walk-in appointments.
A consult letter from the ophthalmologist within days.
An ophthalmologist reviews all cases, and arranges in-person appointments for patients who are not telemedicine-appropriate.