Care1 Telemedicine

The only tele-eyecare network in Canada

Care1 ophthalmologists and optometrists are dedicated to providing Canadians with the highest possible level of medical eyecare with the highest possible level of accessibility. We do this through our network of Care1 Integrated Clinics, which connect eyecare professionals using the world’s most advanced technologies.

How It Works

Optometry clinics in high-need locations upload patient images for collaboration with ophthalmologists

Ophthalmologists stay involved with patient care via telemedicine, and request to see patients in person only when necessary. This maximizes the medical expertise and the accessibility of both the optometrist and the ophthalmologist – a win–win situation for patients.

Patients visit their local Care1 Optometry Clinic for examination, 3D stereophotos, OCT, and VF testing.

The images are uploaded to Care1’s secure and encrypted servers.

Ophthalmologists review the uploaded case within days, and collaborate with the optometrist to develop a treatment plan.

The optometrist reviews the management plan with the patient, initiates treatment, and conducts follow-up.

Telemedicine 2.0

Care1 is nothing like your typical telemedicine platform

1st generation telemedicine is a one way street. Patient information flows to the right, and patient care flows back to the left – not unlike e-mail in the 1990s.  2nd generation telemedicine is a social network.  Collaborative dialogue flows both ways, and in multiple directions… finally allowing for the efficacious longitudinal care of complex diseases, such as glaucoma.

Care1 Integrated Clinics

The highest level of telemedical care

Optometric clinics meeting appropriate equipment standards can obtain certification as a Care1 Integrated Clinic – designating them as a centre that provides the highest possible level of telemedical care. Care1 Integrated Clinics gain access to a large number of benefits for both optometrists and patients:

  • Access to the Care1 Network
  • Better and faster patient care
  • Stronger relationships with ophthalmologists
  • Care1 logo for your clinic’s website
  • Official Care1 Certification
  • Promotion to GPs for increased referrals
  • Marketing materials

Eyecare With Care1

Optometrists - Take your practice into the future!

We help train your technicians to maximize office flow.

Upload within minutes. Reviews back within days.

Work hand in hand with ophthalmologists.

The highest possible level of medical care for your patients.