Eyecare has arrived in the 21st century

The Care1 telemedicine portal is the most powerful and advanced telemedicine platform for eyecare in the world. We took the most cutting-edge software engineering techniques from Silicon Valley, such as Agile Development and Scrum Methodology, and transplanted them into healthcare.  Our software is developed completely in-house – we hire and train our own computer programmers, graphics designers, product managers, IT technicians, and quality assurance analysts.  We constantly solicit feedback from the doctors using our platform, and if there are changes that we want made, we make them immediately. A new version of the software is released every 2 weeks.

Putting software development directly into the hands of healthcare professionals, ensures that doctors and patients always have access to the most advanced technology possible.

Features of the Care1 platform:

  • Cloud-Based – No software to download or install
  • Secure and Encrypted – The same level of data protection as your bank
  • Fast – Uploading takes only minutes per case
  • Drag-and-Drop – As easy to use as email
  • Copy and Paste – Share data with your EHR
  • Private Conversations – Facilitated collaboration between ODs and OMDs
  • 3D Stereoviewer – Accessible on any computer monitor, anywhere in the world
  • Multiple File Formats – Compatible with all manufacturers, including Optomap
  • Letter Generator – Computer generated consult and referral letters
  • E-Faxing – Keep your office completely paperless
  • E-Billing – All billing done on your behalf
  • Canadian – Data centres in Canada
  • … and much more!


Features of our Glaucoma Cruncher add-on:

  • “Virtual Doctor” – Auto-processing of patients for glaucoma risk factors
  • “Single Screen Care” – Computerized summary of the patient’s entire chart on one-screen
  • Progression Analysis – Sequential comparative display of visual fields and OCTs
  • IOP Graphing – Pressure measurements charted graphically over time
  • Natural Text Recognition – Software analysis of your patient, no matter how you like to chart


The best and most convenient care

Care1 uses a type of telemedicine called Store-and-Send. Store-and-Send means that patients come in for their eye testing at a time that is convenient for them. The images are then uploaded and stored onto a secure and encrypted server. Ophthalmologists and optometrists then review and discuss these images when their schedule permits.

Store-and-Send is the best type of telemedicine for eyecare because it allows the healthcare team to examine patient eyes in detail and at high resolution. It is the most convenient form of telemedicine for patients since the patient can get their testing done at a different time from when doctors review their case. In addition, efficiency is maximized as optometrists and ophthalmologists can collaborate on patient care whenever they have a break in their schedule. All of this means that patients get better, faster, and more accessible care.

Live telemedicine is where doctors and patients discuss cases over videoconferencing, such as Skype. Live telemedicine is appropriate for areas of healthcare such as psychiatry and family medicine, but is not appropriate for eyecare.  With live telemedicine, the patient, the optometrist, and the ophthalmologist all have to be available at the exact same time for videoconferencing. If one party has to cancel, then the entire appointment is wasted. Care1 purposefully does not utilize live telemedicine, because of its inconvenience to patients.  In addition, live telemedicine pressures doctors to make a diagnosis on the spot, when sometimes it is better to look at testing results carefully and in detail.