Collaborative Care for
Optometrists & Ophthalmologists

Making medical patient management rewarding and profitable

Care1 is a technology solution for optometrist and ophthalmologist collaboration on advanced medical eye care such as glaucoma and retinal disease.

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How does it work?

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    Patient visits their optometrist for a regular eye exam.

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    Patient exam results and images are uploaded to Care1’s platform.

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    Care1’s proprietary AI model processes patient exam and images.

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    Collaborative shared care with an ophthalmologist for a diagnosis and recommended treatment plan.

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    Patient returns to their optometrist’s office to receive their care.

Benefits: Optometrists

Patient Retention

Keep non-surgical patients in-house with the ophthalmologist collaborating remotely

Faster Care

Reduce ophthalmology referral times from months to days


Less time and travel for patients with no need for repeat of diagnostic testing

Increased Revenue

Patients remain in the care of the optometrist

Benefits: Patients

Faster Treatment

Reduce Ophthalmology referral wait times from months to days for most eyecare-related medical conditions.

Better Care

Earlier & faster diagnosis and treatment resulting in better long-term health outcomes for patients.


Offering patients the convenience of receiving all their treatment and care from their optometrists’ office, with the added benefit of both the Optometrist and ophthalmologist expertise, reducing the need for travel and time off work.

Reduced Cost

Care1 model reduces repeat tests by sharing Optometrist’s initial results with the ophthalmologist, reducing redundant testing.

Join our growing network of ODs and OMDs across Canada


My practice has been a Care1 Integrated Clinic for over 3 years. Since collaborating with Care1 , my associate optometrists and I have had instant access to ophthalmologists for co-management and consultations that normally would take weeks if not months.”

Dr. Suraj Sharma, OD
Optometrist and Practice Owner

Working with Care1  has been one of the best decisions for us when we decided to start co-managing more complicated cases such as glaucoma. I would recommend Care1 to any practice that is looking for a telemedicine solution for their patients.”

Dr. Kelsey Ford, OD
Optometrist and Practice Owner

I have been very pleased with what Care1 has done to help us address the needs of our patients. I feel that when optometry and ophthalmology work together in a more collaborative way, the quality of care for our patients is vastly improved. Care1 has been an excellent vehicle to help in this regard.”

Dr. Mark Pitcher, OD
Optometrist and Practice Owner
cases treated and counting.

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